Electrify Your Lifestyle

e-scooters — the future of
urban transport

Welcome to the future. It’s a lot like the present, only cooler. It’s a time where people ride e-scooters instead of crowded buses to work, and they’re a lot happier. We are Portal, and we make e-scooters that are so smooth, so sleek, and so versatile, you’ll find it hard to believe they’re not from the future.


Your Portal can take you anywhere. The 250 and 350-watt e-scooters are best for urban transport – bike lanes, pathways and sidewalks. Our 500-watt model takes things up a notch in terms of speed and ruggedness. Not quite back road worthy, but pretty close.

Get There

Faster than walking and cooler than driving — Portals can get you where you need to go on time and in style. The Solis 500 has a max speed of 30km/hr, so you never have to worry about being late again. Whether you’re cruising through downtown or on a coastal adventure, our scooters offer a smooth ride. 

Tune It Up

Portal e-scooters are pretty close to perfection, but if you ever hit a rough patch, we offer something no one else does — customer service. Local riders can bring their scooters to our shop for maintenance, servicing, and anything covered under warranty.


We offer a 1-year limited warranty for all major components, not including damage from collisions, excess water, or reckless driving. If at any point in your journey you require repairs, we offer maintenance based on a fixed-cost system. 

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Own Your Ride

No App Required

The e-scooter phenomenon has taken the world by storm, but now, instead of sharing your ride, you can own it. No QR code scanning. No activation costs. No clock watching. No disappointment at dead batteries. Go for a joy ride with none of the guilt and all of the excitement.

Interstellar Excellence

get the best
on the market

Step into a portal of possibility

When you own a Portal e-scooter, the world (or at least the city) is at your feet. You can start, stop, and charge your ride at your convenience. With a 30km range per charge, Portal offers the best electric scooters for riding to the market and back or heading out for a cruise along the coast. Portal scooters also fold so you can take them with you wherever you go.
Turn It On
Be Transported

LED Headlight & Taillights

Headlights and tail lights keep your path illuminated for nighttime and early morning rides. Turn the light on and off with a single touch accessible from the handlebar display.

Comfort Grip Handle

Each model is equipped with a rubberized handle. The no-slip technology keeps you safe and comfortable even at higher cruising speeds and on longer journeys.

Alloy Body

The sleek, aluminum-alloy body is lightweight for easy transport while ensuring greater durability and a higher maximum weight capacity than the leading competition.


Compared to the other colourful scooters you’ve seen around, Portal purple represents quality and superior performance in every aspect, from weight capacity to motor size to battery life.


Explore your city from a brand new perspective without worrying about racking up time or running out of juice.


Feel free to live your life and express yourself on a scooter that’s completely and uniquely your own.


Where will your portal take you?


Portal is proudly a Canadian-owned company with in-house distribution streams and local scooter design. We believe in building up and maintaining a true north strong and free Canadian economy.


At Portal, we offer in-house repairs and maintenance in Calgary. We can help troubleshoot any issues over the phone and sell replacement parts if anything happens after the 1-year warranty.


Electric scooters are a fun and green way to get around! More environmental than driving or even taking the city bus, buying an electric scooter and using it to get around can lower your carbon footprint!


Everything is right where it should be. There’s virtually zero learning curve with Portal e-scooters. Comfort-grip handles, handlebar and foot breaks, acceleration controls — we guarantee the smoothest ride possible with the most intuitive design in any electric scooter.


Every Portal e-scooter features controlled acceleration and braking capabilities, shock-absorbing suspension, safety reflectors, headlights and tail lights, a warning bell, stabilizing kickstand and more to keep you safe while you’re having the time of your life.


We’ve worked hard to make Portal scooters affordable to everyone. We keep costs low compared to competitors. And, unlike ride-sharing scooters, you never have to watch the time or feel bad about taking an extra-long journey.
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