Travel At Light Speed

Powerful. Impressive. Ready for adventure. With 100% more power than the Stella 250 and 40% more power than our middle-tier model, the Solis 500 can go faster, further, and longer than almost any other scooter on the market. It’s built for maximum speed and maximum fun.

3, 2, 1

With the biggest motor offered in an e-scooter, the Solis 500 is groundbreaking. The 500w electric scooter offers faster acceleration with larger loads. Get ready for explosive acceleration.


Bigger doesn’t always mean better. But sometimes it does.

1 second

When we say blast-off, we mean it.

max speed

A cruising speed 50% higher than our 250-watt model.

40+km range
battery life

Nothing should interrupt your ride — especially a low battery.

climbing angle

Suddenly hills don’t seem so daunting.

to fully charge

Recharge the Solis 500 while you sleep or work.

Go Beyond Infinity

The sun, moon, and stars — all are within reach of the Solis 500. With 10.4 AH (approximately a 40km range), our 500w electric scooter is ideal for longer voyages or quick trips.

Make a Big

The Solis 500 is unlike any electric scooter you’ve seen. Built for more rugged terrain with optimal durability and control, we invite you to test out the Solis 500 anywhere life takes you, from back roads to beaches.

waterproof rating

Make a splash! The Solis 500 can handle splashing, spraying, and dripping water.

Disc brake

Solis feels more extreme with a bike-style handlebar disc brake.

load capacity

Don’t let life weigh you down. Experience true freedom on the Solis 500.

Amazing From Afar

Even Better Up Close

Flip &

There’s a bit more heft to the rugged and durable Solis 500, but at 35 lbs, it’s still a breeze to pack and stow away for easy access. You won’t have a problem finding room in your trunk to take the Solis on your next road trip or cross-town adventures.

1-step folding system

Weighs only