best electric scooters for adults

Which Electric Scooter to Buy for Adults

Electric scooters are exploding onto the urban transport scene, and they’re totally changing the game. Faster than walking and cooler than driving — electric scooters in Calgary can get you where you need to go on time and in style. If you’re considering joining the urban transportation revolution by purchasing an electric scooter, you’re going to need to decide which scooter is best for you.

Let’s take a look at the best electric scooters for adults.

best electric scooters for adults

The Best Electric Scooters for Adults

When it comes to the best electric scooter for adults, there’s none better than the Solis 500 from Portal.

Increased Power 

With the biggest motor offered in an e-scooter, the Solis 500 is groundbreaking. Named the Solis 500 for its 500-watt engine, it’s the electric scooter that provides faster acceleration with larger loads. Even with this extra power, the Solis 500 still has a 40+km battery range, making it ideal for longer voyages or quick trips.

When it comes to finding the best electric scooters for adults, you need to ensure they can handle the weight of a fully grown adult. That’s no problem for the Solis 500, as it has a 330lb load capacity.

Tackle Tough Terrain

The Solis 500 is unlike any electric scooter you’ve seen. Built for more rugged terrain with optimal durability and control, you’ll be able to get to work on time without worrying about getting tripped up on uneven terrain on your commute. In addition to making your work commute easier (and cooler), you can take the best electric scooter for adults out for adventures on the weekend. From back roads to beaches to your neighbours’ backyard BBQ, the Solis 500 will get you where you need to go in style.

Simple Storage

When you ride an electric scooter to work, storing the scooter during the day shouldn’t be a hassle. Thankfully, the Solis 500 only weighs 35lbs, and it’s a breeze to pack and stow away for easy access. With its convenient 1-step folding system, you’ll be able to store it during the workday discreetly. Then, when it’s time to cruise home, all you need to do is unfold and take off!

Portal E-Scooters is your ticket to the future of transportation. Created by electric and technology enthusiasts right here in Canada, our unique e-scooters are game-changers. Innovatively designed and environmentally friendly, our e-scooters are lighter, faster and stronger while delivering high-end performance and cost savings. Whether you want to ride to work or cruise with your friends, we have 250 and 350-watt electric scooters available for you. Experience the transportation of the future today with the best electric scooters ever created – only with Portal!

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